A Moment of Clarity

October 17th, 2008
El rayo que no cesa

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A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about decluttering my business plan and deciding to focus on learning. Well, I have no problems whatsoever with learning – I love to study. I do have a problem with ACTING. And recently, I found myself devouring Internet marketing courses, blogs of people I admire, and doing so many other things in the name of “learning” … but not doing much to apply anything.

So today I made another decision: time to stop just “reading about” and start “acting on”.

Fortunately, tonight I had one hour to kill, all by myself, away from the computer and the children. In a few minutes, I had scribbled on the back of a church flyer my learning-and-action plan for the next six months! Ryan Deiss has his “million-dollar napkin” and Sarah Brown has her “worn paper”, heck, I can have my “back of the church flyer”. I don’t think it will make me a million dollars. In fact, I am not aiming for that.

But it does bring me clarity.

At the back of that church flyer is a plan complete with what I am to learn, when I am to apply it, and the results that I should manifest to prove that I have acquired the Internet marketing skills I am aiming for, and when.

I can’t wait to begin.

What are your tools for planning?

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