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October 2nd, 2009

Office; May 2006
Creative Commons License photo credit: Kelly Sue

If you recall, back in June, I had WAHM rockstar Nicole Dean as guest blogger here. She gave us her precious tips and strategies for making a full-time income from home as an Internet marketer, while caring for her children and husband (and dogs, there’s dogs involved here).

Well, one of the resources Nicole recommended was Homepreneur Habits by her mentor, Jimmy D. Brown. I grabbed that very affordable report and have been meaning to write my review of it, but just haven’t been able to. So I’ve got something that’s probably even better.

I thought I would share an excerpt of Homepreneur Habits with you.

Jimmy D. Brown is so generous – he’s a genuinely nice, non-guru-type guy – and he agreed, so here it is.

Excerpt: Homepreneur Habits by Jimmy D. Brown

Hello, this is Jimmy D. Brown, author of the SR Zone Reports.

One of the questions that I get a lot from members of List And Traffic (as well as from my other customers and even subscribers) is this –

What does your home office look like?

There is a lot of interest in learning about the equipment I use, the setup of my office, my daily routine, etc. So, I’ve decided to create this report that I’m entitling, “Homepreneur Habits: How To Run A Successful Home Business”.

My goal for this series is to teach you some basic setup and operations for establishing and maintaining your own home business office. Which, ultimately, will translate into more efficiency, productivity and … profitability!

Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned pro, I think some of the insights that I’ll be giving you into how my own office and business is organized and operated will be beneficial to you in your own pursuits.

And, YES, just so you know, I really do work in my pajamas! In fact, as I’m writing this article I’m sitting here in my Ralph Lauren Polo pajamas and a white t-shirt. My wife snapped this picture just a couple of minutes ago…

(Warning: This is Jimmy in the morning in his pajamas … not for the faint at heart :-)

Continue on at your own risk.

No lifeguards on duty.

Turn back, turn back, turn back.

Okay, you were warned…

(picture removed — only for customers) 😉

You really can operate your own business in your pajamas. Or anything else for that matter. But, please, no file-sharing. I’ll take you at your word when you tell me you work in the same pair of holey underwear from college just to remind you of where you came from. :-)

Okay, back to the point. I’ve got this series divided into three parts…

Homepreneur Habits: How To Run A Successful Home Business

Lesson #1: The PRINCIPLES Of A Successful Homepreneur

Lesson #2: The PARAPHERNALIA Of A Successful Homepreneur

Lesson #3: The PRACTICES Of A Successful Homepreneur

In our first lesson we’ll look at some guidelines or “rules” that I go by in organizing and operating my home office. Lesson two will cover specific equipment that I use in my daily operations. And in lesson three I’ll share how to organize your schedule for increased productivity and results.

I’ll be sharing lots of visuals as you’ll be given an “all access” tour of my own home office.

All of this begins in our next lesson.

—– End of Excerpt —-

To continue reading the entire 64 page report, just swing by Homepreneur Habits and grab it while it’s such a steal. Jimmy has written a lot of courses, but many of his loyal customers have said this is their absolute favorite. Check it out: Homepreneur Habits

I promise to post my review soon.


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