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May 22nd, 2009

Free Lemonade

One of the very first how-to-make-money-online reports I ever bought was Jimmy Brown’s S.M.A.L.L. Reports Fortune. I read that report very carefully and then dutifully started typing out my very first special report.

That was the easy part. I find writing to be a breeze. It’s easy for me to plan and organize a how-to material. 14 years of writing in the United Nations gave me excellent training. But halfway through, I froze.

“Who the hell do you think you are, anyway?”

“You don’t even have a Master’s Degree – why should anybody listen to you?”

“Really, nobody’s interested in this stuff!”

Those were the thoughts running in my head as I closed the Google Doc file, never to look at it ever again.

Fast forward 12 months later. Not only have I finished writing my very first completed special report, but I have actually begun selling it and even – gasp – recruiting affiliates for it.

What happened in between? Well, let’s see, several things have happened:

1. I learned Internet marketing.

Since I began working from home a year ago, I haven’t been freelance copywriting only. I’ve also gone into blogging and affiliate marketing. I’ve created several monetized blogs and have earned my first several hundred dollars online.

The journey has been tumultuous. A year ago, I was simply overwhelmed by everything I needed to learn about Internet marketing. If you told me to build a website and then drive traffic to it, I wouldn’t know the first thing to do. Now, I’m in a place where I feel confident that I know what I’m doing. I know what works. I’ve had small successes, such as doubling the traffic to one blog and increasing Adsense income two-fold. I know how to do online “stuff”. I just need to scale them up to increase my online income.

2. I enrolled in Ed Dale’s 30-Day Challenge Plus

The focus of this membership program is to create information products. That’s the business model Ed is teaching his students to move from the 30-Day Challenge of making your first $1 online, to earning your first $1,000. One of the lessons that really struck me was when Ed pointed out all the teens who were posting videos on YouTube and getting millions audiences. They weren’t slick. Heck, most of them weren’t even good singers or whatever it was they were doing. But the point was, these teens felt they had something to offer and went ahead and put it out there. So if they can do it, so can I.

3. I read “The Unlimited Freelancer.”

This E-book is what finally pushed me into publishing my first special report. It pushed me over the edge. It showed me just how profitable and wonderful my home business could be, and how. Before reading The Unlimited Freelancer, I knew I could only earn so much because I could only work a couple of hours a day. But now, I realize that didn’t have to be a limitation. Click here to read a more detailed account of my experience with “The Unlimited Freelancer.”

4. I have nurtured a network of online friends and mentors.

One of the very first things I ever did to launch my home-based business was to join Mom Masterminds. Little did I know back then just how important that step would be. It was one of the best decisions I ever made! The wonderful ladies in Mom Masterminds have been there with each step I took, from the very basic “make a professional website” to “this is how you launch your infoproduct.” Kelly McCausey and Lynette Chandler, the head mentors at Mom Masterminds, have been generous with their honest advice, practical help and the occasional butt-kickin’ 😉 But come to think of it, so has the rest of the members of MM.

Without this network of Internet marketing Moms, I would not be where I am now. I would probably be broke and still clueless about how to make money online. If you’re an Internet marketer, there is no way you will succeed without a network. Just look at how the millionnaire gurus are doing it – they promote each other’s products to their massive lists. No wonder they’re making millions!

I should also mention that I got very practical help from Lynn Terry through her Self-Starters Weekly Tips Elite brainstorming group. It’s not open to membership right now, but as soon as it opens again, you should definitely sign up (if you aren’t a member yet). Lynn’s “Fast Cash Strategy” and the other resources she recommended gave me the practical how-to to finally complete my infoproduct and start marketing it.

I must say, Jimmy Brown’s report make the marketing part seem easier than it actually is. I now realize that I wasn’t ready a year ago to do this, even if I had wanted to. Even if I did finish my infoproduct then and begin selling it, I would have probably made little or no sales and no profit whatsoever. And then I would have gotten discouraged and sworn off Internet marketing forever.

So I guess the timing is just right.

Creative Commons License photo credit: rochelle, et. al.

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