Update on my work at home project: The Thirty Day Challenge!

February 27th, 2008

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I’m on Day 10 of my work at home project, the Thirty Day Challenge. I have identified one niche for internet marketing and am now writing three articles for it. I need another niche and fast! With our move to Canada one week away, just keeping up with the challenge is proving to be a challenge in itself. However, I have managed to join a team so I’m trudging along. Perhaps, as for others, it will be more like the Sixty Day Challenge for me.

So far, I have learned how to do market research on possible niche topics using Freewordtracker, Google and Google Trends. The techniques that Ed Dale and his colleagues teach are so simple but unintuitive that they’re so cool! And then Mike Stenhouse and Mike Mindel put these together in an amazing tool — Wordtracker GTrends.

The “golden nuggets” technique is used to “mine” for the ideal niche — one that has a lot of demand but little competition. You’ll have to go through the challenge yourself to fully appreciate what I’m talking about.

I got a bit sidetracked because I had misunderstood the bit about measuring the amount competition for a particular niche. Fortunately, I found some clarification in the Thirty Day Challenge forums, so I think I’m back on track to finding one more niche.

Just got an E-mail today from Ed saying that the Thirty Day Challenge has just produced another millionaire. Now that’s encouraging!

Watch out for my next article: How to avoid work at home scams, part 3. In case you missed the earlier installments, here are the links:

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How to avoid work at home scams, Part 2: Use only legitimate job leads

How to avoid work at home scams, Part 2: Use only legitimate job leads

February 22nd, 2008

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I’ve spent hours online looking for legitimate sources of work at home job leads. You know what? I was disappointed. Thousands of websites promise work at home jobs and home business ideas, but most of them make me suspicious. They make promises but show no accountability. Some sites didn’t even have an “About” page! Or it was buried too deep under all the advertisements!

I looked for websites that checked out job leads before posting them. Sites that charge a fee to access the job listings did not even make this claim. Unless they said so, I assumed that they did not screen the job leads.

So after days or research, I only came up with three websites that I feel confident enough to share with other aspiring work at home individuals: Continue reading »

Countdown to being a work at home Mom

January 9th, 2008

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I’m down to my last few days in the office. On February 1, I will officially be unemployed, a stay-at-home Mom, and hopefully, still earning money. Am I ready?

I’m trying to get ready. Here’s what I’ve been doing: Continue reading »

About Me

January 6th, 2008

I dreamed of being a work at home Mom for 10 years. At last, I am living my dream.

My Life Shift is for anyone who wants to work at home — whether to take care of kids, escape the corporate rat race, pursue an art or craft, or any other reason. By documenting my own transition from office employee to work at home Mom, I hope to motivate other people to do the same and share whatever tools, tips and resources I discover along the way.

While researching my options for working at home, I discovered many scams for those looking for home businesses. I assure you that all the resources I share in this blog are those that I myself have tried. I will never promote a product or home business that I do not personally know to be a legitimate way to earn money at home. I believe in getting honest pay for honest work. You will not find any get-rich-quick schemes here.

I am a wife and mother of three ages 13, 7 and 1. After 19 years of employment, I now feel ready to stay home, become my own boss, and be a mother first and income earner second.

I have a degree in communication and completed the academic requirements and comprehensive exam for a master’s degree in communication research. Alas, I was busy having babies and didn’t complete my MA. I have 19 years of experience in strategic communication, advocacy, media relations and project management. I have worked in government information, children’s television, and UNICEF. I am also a Childbirth Educator. For two years, I wrote a monthly column in Good Housekeeping Philippines about work-life balance.

Here I am in my (former) UNICEF office with Anton, my youngest child, before he got his first haircut. It took me three children to finally realize my dream to stay home….

Alexis Rodrigo