Why I love-hate my Swiffer vacuum: a review

June 4th, 2008

I love-hate my Swiffer vacuum

by norasun

Stay at home Moms spend a lot of time doing housekeeping so we’re always on the lookout for the latest gadgets that will make our lives easier.

I bought the Swiffer Vacuum after reading dozens of reviews, many of them saying that it’s really good for picking up Cheerios from the floor. And which toddler’s home isn’t always littered with Cheerios? After one month of using it daily, I’ve come to the conclusion that I love-hate my Swiffer vacuum.

10 reasons I love my Swiffer Vacuum:

1. It’s really easy to use. Even my 7-year-old daughter can use it.

2. It’s fun to use. The two girls sometimes argue over who gets to clean the floor.

3. It looks nice and sleek.

4. It’s light enough to carry up or down the stairs on one hand while balancing the toddler on my hip with the other hand.

5. It does pick up Cheerios easily, as well as crumbs, dust balls, spilled cornmeal and whatever small, dry stuff kids and hubbies can track inside the house.

6. I bought it for $11 less in Canadian Tire than it sells in the regular grocery stores.

7. It vacuums and dry-wipes the floor at the same time.

8. It swivels and can get into small spots.

9. Even though its juice has nearly run out and it’s about to go dead, it can still pick up dust balls.

10. It gets more dirt in less time and with less effort than I could with a broom and dust pan.

10 reasons I hate my Swiffer Vacuum:

1. It takes forever to charge: 24 hours before first use and 16 hours thereafter, and then….

2. … it stays charged for only about 10 minutes — not quite long enough for me to clean the entire house.

3. The disposable refill pads are wasteful. You have to toss it after one use. Why couldn’t they have made washable pads? I’ve decided to make my own washable pads to do my share to save the environment.

4. The filter needs to be replaced every 6 months. Why couldn’t they have made washable filters?

5. You need to drain the power before recharging, which forces me to clean the floor for 10 minutes even when I only wanted to clean around the high chair for 2 minutes.

6. It’s not inexpensive enough to buy another one so I can clean the entire house every day.

7. You can’t use it to wet-mop the floor. You’ll have to buy another Swiffer product for that. Ugh.

8. It doesn’t work on carpets or rugs. You’ll have to buy another Swiffer product for that. Uggghh.

9. It can’t pick up larger, sticky items, like pitted dates.

10. Like any other vacuum, it’s noisy.

So would I recommend the Swiffer vacuum? That depends. If you need to sweep the floor every day and can spare around $37, then go for it. However, if you haven’t been having any problems using your broom and dust pan, then you probably won’t miss anything.

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